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Design concept

LB is a project for a place that will be raising money for charities that support the endangered species of wildlife. This is the main idea around which the project was wrapped. Then the concept that grew out of it is that I am taking the main reasons why animals are endangered and engaging it with the interior design through materiality and feelings.

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The main part of the design is a staircase that is in the middle of the space. The place is separated in two levels. The staircase is representing a cage from a zoo and red colour for the blood of the animals. The idea is for the people to engage with it and for the colour to affect them. There are other red elements in the design which are used to make reference to the staircase.

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The place is designed to be lounge area through the day and bar night through the night. For the lounge people will paying for memberships, and for the night bar the entry is open for everyone. There are enough seating places and free area for circulating and dancing through the night. In the design there is a contrast between bright colour and grey colour scheme, solid materials and glass. A very exciting element are the chairs, where I have combined glass and concrete from the concept from one of the reasons why animals are extinct - new species coming into their environment.

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The basement level creates a bit different feeling. If the ground level is a bit warmer when it comes to lights, the basement feels colder. This is because I wanted to create contrast in the feelings between the two floors.

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There is another construction in the basement level. It represents obstacles for the people, as the obstacles that animals face on their way of survival. The construction is made out of black and red metal columns, and some glass ones. Again, we have contrast between materials and red colour for reference to the staircase.


the site

The design is for a unit in the CitizenM hotel in Shoreditch, London. The facade of the building is very clean with straight geometric forms in charcoal grey colour. There are a lot of those forms in the design of the unit, which makes an interesting reference between it and the facade.


The other facade of the hotel is the same. I have designed the two facades of the place in a different way - one is flat and there is nothing coming out, because there is a sidewalk, and the other has extension and terrace because there is a big square which allows me to do that.


This is the facade with the extension and the terrace. Both of the facades have entrances, but here the entrance is a bit more exciting, as again the square allows to use more space. To the entrance there are two steps in different colours and then on the left side there is a glass, so people can see into the place. On the right side there is the extension terrace, with a red metal construction coming out from the inside as an extension from the staircase. On the bottom of the ground floor there is an area, covered in glass, so people can peek into the basement level.