The concept

Workable is a project about co-working space / coffee shop. The concept is that the place can only be used for working, but coffee will be served there as well. If people want to buy only coffee there well one facade where they can do that, as the place has two facades. It’s in Shoreditch and the purpose of it is to interact with the artistic atmosphere of the district itself.


Orange coloured box

The main structure in the place is an orange glass box that will have the role of a mezzanine level between the ground and the first floor. The orange colour has been chosen because of it’s strong and positive effect on the human brain, and because the design is for working place, the orange adds very exciting to it. The base of the orange box will be in solid material coloured in orange and this will be visible from the ground floor.


Meeting room

There is a meeting room on the ground floor, which fits up to eight people and is not fully separated from the other areas. The concept for the design is to also make people engage with each other, so all the the areas that feel more private are only semi-separated.



The staircase is made out from wood and is an extension from the long working table on the ground floor. Through the staircase people are able to reach the orange box, which is in the middle. The railing of the red staircase is made from orange metal.


First floor

The area on the first floor is smaller than the ground floor. There are a few tables with different shapes and height and a lot of bean bags in orange and grey. The transparent part of the orange box is visible from this floor, so the people who seat inside of it will be visible for the people on the first level.



This is the facade, where the entrance for the working area will be. It’s very dynamical and the concept of it is to invite people inside, which is why there are those timbers positioned in this direction on the side. There is art installation on the inside, which is inspired by the railing on the staircase and is orange metal tubes in a gentle form. Some of the installation is coming out of the rood, to grab people’s attention from the outside.