Melting point is a project which accommodates one student for one year. It needs to have workshop, exhibition area and living space. On the inside of the building there are white bricks, which need to be preserved, which is why the other materials are designed to combine with them. On the ground floor there is the exhibition area and the workshop, with a small meeting area for people who want to have a meeting or buy something.



The workshop is consisting of a few craft machines, working table and also shelves for tools. The purpose for it is for the student to be able to practice his work and does his projects in this workshop. In between the exhibition area and the workshop there is a yellow wall as a separation element between the two levels.


Meeting area

On the back, there is the meeting area which consists of a bar table and wooden table attached to the wall with a few chairs The purpose for it is to be enough for maximum three people to sit for discussion. One the back of it there is also a small corner with coffee machine and small kitchen. The yellow wall in this area is to make reference with the one from the front .


The first floor will be reached through wooden stairs and there will be big kitchen, bedroom and bathroom in the same colour scheme. The concept of the place is to engage all the different areas together by not fully separating them. There are a lot of shelves for display and convenience to the student. There is a contrast between natural materials and unnatural ones, between warm colours and the grey colour scheme.